LEGO Ideas Third 2020 Review Results Will Be Coming Tomorrow

It has just been announced that the third LEGO Ideas review of 2020 will be coming tomorrow. In the review that took place at the end of last year, a total of 25 submissions were judged. These include a buildable Wallace and Gromit, more sets from Avatar and a few Modular style buildings.

As theres already six other LEGO Ideas sets in production, we shouldn't expect too many sets to be chosen. This could mean only one or two like the last review that was extremely disappointing.

Once the set or sets have been chosen they will then go into being designed by real LEGO designs and then actually being produced. This can be a lengthy process and with other sets from the LEGO Ideas team expect this set to come out around 2023.

This LEGO Ideas review results is also a bit different compared to other review results with a special give away. The correct prediction of the review will enter a draw to win a copy of 21319 Central Perk. If no one predicts it then the closest person to the correct outcome will win the set.