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LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express Rumoured For November 2023

Three LEGO Ideas sets have released so far in 2023 with a fourth one just a couple of weeks away with 21341 Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sister Cottage. However, even more 18+ sets will be coming for the theme later on in the year including the highly anticipated Orient Express. This is because is reporting that set number 21344 will be the Orient Express retailing for $299.99 with 2,540 pieces.

Brick-built LEGO trains have been a neglected part of the LEGO universe but LEGO seems to finally be expanding into this popular market. This will still be a couple of months away as 21344 Orient Express will release on 1st November 2023 with an official reveal expected in October. Like many LEGO Ideas sets and LEGO 18+ sets in general, the set will most likely be exclusive to LEGO to begin but will be more widely available a few months later.

As already mentioned, the LEGO Ideas set will include a total of 2,540 pieces which may sound like a lot but it is actually 455 pieces fewer than the original fan submission. This had a total of 2,995 pieces which suggests that the huge difference could be due to the tracks. The LEGO Orient Express model is supposed to fit on regular LEGO rails so a possibility could be that the set includes a couple of LEGO rails for the train to run on.

However, even if it can run on LEGO rails and these pieces are included, it is expected to not include any motorized elements. Instead, these will have to be purchased separately but should allow the designers to keep one of the biggest LEGO Ideas set at that $299.99 price point.

Set Information

Set Name - Orient Express

Set Number - 21341

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2,540

Price - $299.99

Release Date - 1st November 2023

Featured image and info:


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