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LEGO Ideas 21341 Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage Officially Revealed | July 2023

Our fourth LEGO Ideas set of the year has been officially revealed and it fits perfectly with Disney 100 year anniversary celebrations. 21341 Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage has been officially revealed with it set to appear in stores from 4th July 2023. Like most recent LEGO Ideas sets it's easily over $100 and over $200 this time as well with a retail price of $229.99 for the 18+ set with 2,316 pieces.

The set is based on the first Hocus Pocus film which released in 1993 but with the second film having released just last year, it's likely interest in this set will be high once it releases on 4th July 2023. Already fans have been really pleased with what they've been seeing of the spooky witch's house which is 27cm high, 26cm wide and 24cm deep.

The cottage can be opened in multiple ways for easy viewing of the interior details and all the playable functions. This includes the museum gift shop, a cauldron with a LEGO light brick to illuminate the fire underneath, the Book of Spells and the witches’ bat-infested bedroom. If you detach the side room where Dani Dennison was captured by the witches and turn the water wheel outside then you can make pink ‘smoke’ puff out of the chimney.

Along with the extremely detailed cottage with detachable roofs and front, there's a great Minifigure lineup introducing new prints and recolours. The six Minifigures are Winifred Sanderson, Sarah Sanderson, Mary Sanderson, Max Dennison, Dani Dennison and Allison Watts, plus a Thackery Binx (in cat form) figure. They all come with a range of accessories including a green lightning spell, Dani’s Halloween pumpkin bucket and the broom

Set Information

Set Name - Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage

Set Number - 21341

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2,316

Price - $229.99

Release Date - 4th July 2023


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