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LEGO Ideas 21336 The Office Officially Revealed | October 2022

After an official tease yesterday, its finally here as LEGO have officially revealed the next LEGO Ideas set for 2022. This is 21336 The Office which becomes the first set to be based on the American The Office comedy series. However, 21336 will be available in a few months from 1st October 2022 for $119.99 as another set, 21335 Motorized Lighthouse, is still rumoured for an earlier release for the LEGO Ideas theme.

The set itself is a build of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch as shown by the Dunder Mifflin sticker next to the entrance door to the office. This then leads to the reception desk where the Pam Beesly Minifigure is sitting practisng her art. Theres also the coffee machine, the coat hanger, many files and displays and the 'parkour' sofas. Of course Pam Beesly and the reception desk is directly across from her eventual lover Jim Halpert.

He's at his usual desk which includes, like his work mates, a computer, a telephone, a lamp and other documents. He also has the teapot he gives to Pam, a letter and the engagement ring for Pam. Directly next to him is Dwight Schrute and his desk which includes the yellow jelly with the stapler. He's also next to a shelf which includes smaller references along with many files.

Another one of these shelves is located directly next to Phyllis Lapin Vance and Stanley Hudson who are also at their desks. Phyllis is knitting some muffins whilst Stanley is eating a pretzel as they both struggle through the day of working under their boss Michael Scott who is also included as a Minifigure. He includes his own green office which can be easily separated from the rest of the office.

In his office, he's got all his pictures and awards on the wall along with his shelves and some of his toys. He's also got his mug for being 'The World's Best Boss' and his award. Across from his desk is a chair which is commonly taken by his favourite temp Ryan Howard. Kelly Kapoor is also included along with Darryl Philbin from the warehouse.

Next to Michael's office is the conference room where many iconic scenes have taken place. In their theres the hierarchy drawn by Jim, many chairs for the employees to sit on and the TV screen for whatever weird stuff Michael shows the likes of Oscar Martinez, Kevin Malone, Meredith Palmer, Creed Bratton and Toby Flenderson. Other Minifigures also include Angela Martin who comes with her cat Garbage and we're sure she'll have lots of fun with Dwight.

Set Information

Set Name - The Office

Set Number - 21336

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1164

Price - $119.99

Release Date - 1st October 2022


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