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LEGO Icons 10326 Natural History Museum Officially Revealed | December 2023

The LEGO Modular line has consistently amazed us with its intricate and detailed 18+ buildings but 2024s takes it to a whole new level. This is because 2024s LEGO Icons Modular Building is a brick-built version of a natural history museum coming under the set number 10326. The Minifigure scale set will release on 1st December 2023, a month earlier than planned, with 4,014 pieces retailing for $299.99.

And yes you read those numbers right, 2024s modular will be the biggest and most expensive modular ever. 10326 Natural History Museum will overtake the now retiring 10255 Assembly Square which also retails for $299.99 but with just a few fewer pieces at 4,002. This suggests that 10326 will not only be the LEGO Icons flagship set for 2024, but also the LEGO Modular Building flagship model perfect for expanding your LEGO city.

For $299.99, 10326 Natural History Museum will include a total of seven Minifigures ranging from Museum workers to visitors both young and old. This is one less than 2023's much cheaper LEGO Modular Building of 10312 Jazz Club suggesting that 10326 and its 4,014 pieces are mainly used for the architecture and brick-built models included in the Natural History Museum.

And this is no surprise as 10326 Natural History Museum will be 48 studs wide and 32 studs deep yet still fit in with the rest of the LEGO Modulars. The main colour of the natural history museum is olive green meaning that the 1 x 2 Masonry brick in olive green will return in 2024.

Along with the exterior being that beautiful olive green, there's a staircase leading to a double door for the entrance to the museum. Two large brick-built pillars are also placed just outside the entrance with an overhanging roof on top of these pillars. The whole building and this beautifully designed entrance cover the whole baseplate with just the usual sized section for a pavement and the iconic white lampost.

However, this does mean there's a small area on either side of the staircase leading from the entrance of the building. LEGO have filled this space with two small gardens. Each of the small gardens has a grey Minifigure statue with the one on the right also having a large blossom tree. Two fabric banners also cover the front of the museum with these advertising the dino and space displays.

Moving on to the inside, located in the entrance hall of the Museum on the bottom floor will be a large skeleton of the Brachiosaurs dinosaur. Many small intricate pieces will be used to recreate the bones of a dinosaur that recently appeared in a LEGO Jurassic Park set. The dinosaur and its huge structure will tower through into the other floors.

Moving on up, the first floor will have an exhibition all about natural history whilst the second floor will house a collection of space and science artefacts. This selection will even include a few references to older LEGO sets. The office of the museum curator is then located on the dark grey roof which is right at the top of the LEGO Modular Building along with two skylights to allow light into the lower floors of the museum.

10326 Natural History Museum is available now for pre-order with it releasing a month just before the start of 2024 on 1st December 2023. Last year's Modular promo of 40586 Moving Truck will also be available with any pre-orders for a short period of time. However, 2024s LEGO Modular Building promo will most likely release in February 2024 but won't be limited to 10326.

10326 Natural History Museum

Set Name - Natural History Museum

Set Number - 10326

Age Range - 18+

Piece Count - 4,014

Price - $299.99

Release Date - 1st December 2023

1 Comment

Nov 05, 2023

I've been waiting for a museum. It looks great and I'm hoping for a couple of surprises and "easter eggs". Can't wait!!!

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