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LEGO Icons 10306 Atari 2600 Officially Revealed | August 2022

The LEGO Icons theme has expanded drastically in recent years from Modular buildings to brick-built flowers and now there's a brick-built console. In particular, it's a LEGO version of the Atari 2600 console that has been revealed to coincide with that its 50th Anniversary celebrations this year. The retro console will be available from 1st August 2022 as an 18+ set especially aimed at those kids from the 80s.

Just like the original Atari, the LEGO model is similar in size and is mainly black with light brown panels to round off the look. The classic side controls are also included along with a slot for the game cartridges at the top of the console. The top of the console can also be opened up to reveal a small vignette of a typical 80s kids' bedroom.

In the bedroom, a Minifigure sits on the floor with a joystick in his hand whilst playing Asteroids on a TV. There is a small-built mini Atari in front of the TV with various posters hanging on the room wall around it. A ghetto blaster, an old-fashioned telephone and a white cat also being inside the small vignette.

Furthermore, Atari 2600 console also comes with three game cartridges of the games Asteroids, Adventure and Centipede. Each one can be converted into mini 8x8 vignettes to match their game themes. Centipede is a build of an insect with a mushrooms background, Asteroids is of course a small spaceship that fights against asteroids and UFOs and Adventure is a yellow castle build.

Altogether this makes for a pretty big set even if it's not the most colourful and play feature-friendly LEGO model ever. And because of the sheer amount of stuff included, 10306 will retail for $239.99 with a total of 2532 pieces once it releases on 1st August 2022 exclusively at LEGO stores and online. This may be the first set to start a running theme of brick-built LEGO consoles for the LEGO Icons theme.

Set Information

Set Name - Atari 2600

Set Number - 10306

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2532

Price - $239.99

Release Date - 1st August 2022


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