LEGO Harry Potter: Minifigures Then (2001) Vs Minifigures Now (2021)

With 2021 slowly coming to a close, so is the LEGO Harry Potter 20th Anniversary celebrations. Throughout the year we've seen a range of different celebrations for a theme that was only reintroduced in 2018. Celebrations included Golden Minifigures, collectable Chocolate Frog Cards, two waves of sets and a new Hogwarts Modular system.

During those two years, a lot has changed with both LEGO and Harry Potter. In particular though, one of the biggest changes came with the Minifigures. With the help of the LEGO Group, we now have some great comparisons of the Minifigures from 2001 to 2021 which we'll show you in this post.

As you can see, the original designs were very different compared to the high quality we see today. The Minifigure faces were a lot less expressive and recognisable for that character. LEGO also used yellow for all Minifigure heads during this time making them much less realistic but unique to LEGO. The same was also done for LEGO Star Wars around this time.

Hairpieces have also changed drastically with LEGO Harry Potter sets since 2018 having new hairpieces just for one character. Other moulds have also been introduced since 2001 like hair and hat pieces and beards and other forms of facial hair. Even the classic wizard hats have been upgraded to make them more specific to certain characters.

All the children now have smaller legs rather than larger legs which fit their faces and hair much better. They also now have black clothes rather than a much lighter grey. This is more realistic to the films and goes really well with the detailed Gryffindor crest. Ron's jumper can even be shown and there are more torso designs that can be used too compared to only a couple in 2001.

The character that has probably changed the most is Hagrid whose clothes have become lighter compared to everyone else's who have become darker. His face is more like the friendly guy we know Hagrid to be and he uses a new piece for his hair and beard which makes him look much hairier. He also uses a new piece for his body even though it's very similar to the 2001 version.