LEGO FRIENDS Monica's Apartment + Joey's Apartment Leaked and Teased

After rumours circulated a while ago and leaks of Minifigures appeared, LEGO have finally given us a tease of the upcoming LEGO FRIENDS set. This will be the second set based off the popular American TV show. The first set was a massive hit and broke the record for the best selling LEGO Ideas set ever.

LEGO gave us our first hint of the set earlier today with a tease on their social media accounts. The picture shows us just a little bit of the iconic Monica's Apartment with its violet door and golden frame hung around the peep hole. This also shows off all six of the main characters all in new outfits and both Phoebe and Rachel come with different hair pieces.

Not long after this tease we got our first full leak of the set which revealed that the set includes both Monica's and Joey's Apartment. The corridor between them is also included making the set extremely accurate to the real thing.

The set also revealed all 7 Minifigures with Janice also being included with the already teased six. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe, like the rest, all have new outfits that suit the characters real well with Monica also having an apron as she's cooking Thanksgiving meal. The table from the Thanksgiving meal is included along with the turkey.

Meanhwhile, Chandler is wearing some casual business clothes and Joey is basically wearing the rest of Chandler's clothes. Ross is wearing the shrinking leather pants and Janice is in a leopard print top.

Set Information

Set Name - FRIENDS Apartments

Set Number - 10292

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - $149.99

Release Date - June 1st 2021