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LEGO Disney 100 43217 Carl's House From UP Officially Revealed | April 2023

As Disney is set to celebrate 100 years, we'll finally be getting UP-themed LEGO sets thanks to the official reveal of 43217. This set in particular is based on one of the most iconic houses in the film industry of Carl's House which eventually flies in the air with just hundreds of balloons. And this can be seen in the LEGO Version with many balloons surrounding the chimney area of the build using the usual LEGO balloon pieces.

The house itself is very colourful just like in the film with the small porch area captured beautifully. Once inside, the house isn't very big with the back wall being entirely open to allow further playability. But iconic rooms such as the Living Room with Carl's chair, the hallway with all the locks on the door, a small room with a TV and Carl's bedroom are all captured in brick-built form.

And the Minifigure lineup is the cherry on top of this set as, unsurprisingly, Carl is included in mid-legs with a brand new face print and his walking stick, along with Russel whos wearing his wilderness explorers outfit with another brand new face print and a brand new hair/hat piece. A new piece is also included to capture the dog Dug along with the squirrel mould in brown.

Set Information

Set Name - Carl's House From UP

Set Number - 43217

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 598

Price - $54.99

Release Date - 1st April 2023


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