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LEGO DC 76221 Batmobile: Flash Tracking Rumoured For May 2023

The previously rumoured LEGO DC set of 76221 Batmobile: Flash Tracking now has a more firm release date as it'll release on 1st May 2023. The set was previously rumoured for an August 2022 release, but the set has been delayed too due to The Flash movie being delayed. 76221 will now release just a couple of months before the film as it's in cinemas from 16th June 2023.

The set will still retail for $44.99 as it doesn't seem to have been affected by the recent price increases by LEGO. The 456 pieces included will mainly make up the batmobile but it's likely they'll also be a small build for the Flash. They'll also be an exclusive Minifigure for the Flash which was leaked a couple of months ago. The torso is a lot more detailed with hints of black and gold making his superhero suit.

Set Information

Set Name - Batmobile: Flash Tracking

Set Number - 76221

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 456

Price - $44.99

Release Date - 1st May 2023


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