LEGO Creator Expert Theme Set To Retire And Become 'LEGO For Adults'

The LEGO Creator Expert Theme is finally set to have a new name after it basically retired once the 18+ box art came in last year. Many sets, including Modular Buildings, Winter Village sets and Fairground collection sets, have been branded under the Creator Expert theme but this name was officially retired by LEGO in May 2020 with the release of 10273 Haunted House.

In the months since May 2020, the sets haven't really been branded under anything and have mainly just been called the 18+ theme. Some have been tagged as a 'collector' item with others having their own theme to come under as well.

However, LEGO has finally addressed this saying they will call this retired theme 'LEGO for Adults'. As the name suggests, all these 18+ are purposely aimed at adults and want to stretch more towards the older generations.

It's very unlikely that the sets will have 'LEGO for Adults' labelled on them but they'll still have the obvious 18+ box design. The other 18+ sets from the likes of Star Wars and Marvel will still come under their own themes and won't fall under 'LEGO for Adults'.