LEGO Creator Expert 10300 Back to the Future: DeLorean Rumoured For April 2022

A new rumour has emerged suggesting Back To The future will be returning in LEGO form with a new LEGO DeLorean. This was rumoured back at the start of the year but turned out to be false. However, a more reliable source of suggests we will be getting a DeLorean but in April of next year.

This new version of a LEGO DeLorean is set to be 10300 Back to the Future: DeLorean with it retailing for $169.99. As already mentioned, it will release on 1st April 2022 with it being available just in LEGO stores until July 2022 when it'll be available in most stores. This is a similar pattern for most LEGO Creator Expert sets but we just wanted to reiterate it to you.

The new $169.99 DeLorean is set to be convertible so the car can change from its first part of the trilogy look to its second part of the trilogy look. The set only contains the 'OUTATIME' label but still has a futuristic look which can be seen in the second film.

The brick-built DeLorean can be changed further with its wheels being foldable so that the car can be displayed in its flying position. A detailed cockpit is also included with the model along with a built-in flux compensator. The wing-like doors can be opened along with the hood.

Like the Pickup Truck and some other LEGO Creator Expert sets, brick-built accessories are also included along with the main model. This time it's a toolbox and Marty's pink hoverboard. However, the car will not have any light effects or sound effects included and neither will any Minifigures be included.

Set Information

Set Name - Bak to the Future: DeLorean

Set Number - 10300

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - $169.99

Release Date - April 1st 2022