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LEGO Creator 40602 Winter Market Stall GWP Rumoured For 18th November 2023

The second LEGO Gift With Purchase with this year's LEGO Black Friday event will be 40602 Winter Market Stall. The LEGO Creator branded set will be available alongside the previously rumoured 40601 Majisto's Magical Workshop GWP. Just like 40601, we don't know the exact threshold that 40602 will be available for but the GWP will appear for both LEGO's VIP weekend (18th - 19th November) and Black Friday (24th - 27th November).

As previously mentioned, the set is branded under the LEGO Creator theme, being aimed at younger audiences similar to 40597 Scary Pirate Island. But 40602 Winter Market Stall is one of the main festive promotional sets that will be available in the lead up to Christmas.

As the name suggests, for 271 pieces 40602 is a brick-built version of a festive village market stall in some winter scenery. The stall is mainly brown with some hints of tan too which match perfectly with the red and green of the stockings. The stall is selling a rocket, a toy soldier and a blue train. Two Minifigures are included of the stall worker and a young boy along with a cute snowman build.

40602 Winter Market Stall GWP

Set Name - Winter Market Stall GWP

Set Number - 40602

Age Range - 8+

Piece Count - 271

Price - TBC GWP

Release Date - 18th November 2023

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Nov 07, 2023

Sounds great!

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