LEGO CON Disappoints​ As Fans See Livestream Crash Too Much

The first-ever LEGO CON has just finished after the show lasted for about two hours. For many fans, its two hours of their life that they're never going to get back after they found it extremely disappointing. We don't blame them with the only set reveals being from LEGO Star Wars.

The show started off with a 20 minute feature from the AFOL community. This including things like stop-motion, LEGO photography, massive detailed builds and family hobbies. Even though this section had a lot of different techniques and tips, it felt like something completely different to the main LEGO CON show. It was only after this that we actually got to see the LEGO House and the LEGO CON hosts.

A global building challenge involving LEGO DOTS took place throughout the show. Builders around the world could create a LEGO DOTS design on a six by six white baseplate that would then be displayed on the walls of the LEGO House. You can submit your design until the 15th August via a digital tool on the official LEGO House website. This was a great idea and worked perfectly with plenty of interaction from the audience.

However, that was probably the only good bit of interaction with the fans as many bits of LEGO CON were filled with filler videos and talks. The weird voting thing was just pointless and had no affect on the show. And, even if you were happy with what you saw at LEGO CON, the livestream crashed way too many times and made it look very embarrassing for LEGO.

We'll go into greater detail about certain parts of the show over the next few days so keep an eye out for that stuff.