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LEGO CON 2022 Confirmed But What Should We Expect?

Following on from Saturdays first-ever LEGO CON, it has now been confirmed that LEGO CON will be returning next year. It was originally confirmed right at the end of LEGO CON 2021 with it saying "see you in 2022" and LEGO then later confirmed it themselves. But with the first one being so disappointing, what should we expect from the 2022 event?

We're likely to see another interactive building challenge just like the DOTS one. Hopefully this one will again be displayed inside the LEGO House and have an easy way to submit designs again.

Once again, they'llbe loads of exclusive interviews with LEGO designers and hopefully some interesting guests. It would be nice if more questions could be asked from the audience as well. Fans always like to see some weird questions that show off the designers personality more rather than the same questions to nearly every designer.

Finally, one of the main things we should see from this LEGO CON are set reveals. With Saturdays event having literally none, LEGO really need to up their game next year. Everyones always interested in new sets and the hype it brings is crazy. LEGO CON is a perfect time to reveal sets including whole waves, Minifgure series or D2Cs.


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