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LEGO Christmas Set 40564 Winter Elves Scene GWP Leaked + Rumoured For 19th November 2022

After the recent leak of 40565 Santa's Workshop, another LEGO Christmas promotional set has been leaked of 40564 Winter Elves Scene. As the name suggests, 40564 is a small winter scenery similar to last years promotional LEGO Christmas set of 40484 Santa's Front Yard. However, this set includes two elf Minifigures wearing opposite colours.

The elf in a green hat and red torso has a sleigh with 1x1 studs in white being used as snowballs. The other elf whos in a red hat and green torso is ice skating on a small bit of ice which is the focal point of the set. Here there's the possibility to spin the elf around using a blue cog at the front of the scene.

In the background of the scene are two 2D trees and two 3D trees adding to the winter scene. A selection of colourful lights extend from one of the 3D trees to the other. The new squirrel pice of this year is also included in this set along with a small acorn build.

With this recent leak, we also know more information about the availability of this Christmas Gift With Purchase. 40564 will be available from 19th November 2022 until 20th December 2022 with any purchases over $170 on any sets. It will be apart of LEGOs annually VIP weekend with 40565 exclusively available a week or so later on 1st December 2022.

Set Information

Set Name - Winter Elves Scene

Set Number - 40564

Ages - 9+

Piece Count - 372

Price - GWP over $170

Release Date - 19th November 2022

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