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LEGO Children's Day Set 40685 Water Park GWP Rumoured For April 2024

International Children's Day is one of many occasions in which LEGO enjoy celebrating and that will be no different in 2024. Last year we saw the release of the promotional model of 40589 Pirate Ship Playground and in 2024 we'll be seeing another exclusive Gift With Purchase of 40685 Water Park.

Children's Day is set to take place on Sunday the 12th of May 2024 but according to Instagram user fateful_lego and recent leaks online, the GWP will be making an appearance as early as April. From that initial date in April, 40685 will last two to three weeks, available with purchases online and in-store over a currently unknown threshold.

The set itself includes a total of 132 pieces to create a brick-built water park suitable for Minifigures. In fact, 40685 includes a total of two young Minifigures. Both seem to be having plenty of fun getting soaked from all the fun activities included in the small LEGO Water Park.

40685 includes two slides for the Minifigures to slide down into the pool below. One of these is built the usual slide piece whilst the other uses a ramp, often seen in the LEGO City Stuntz subtheme. Both are coloured orange and yellow with the latter of the two also including a brick-built barrel with 1x1 round tiles which pour out of it just like water. A pink flag is also included next to the barrel.

The other slide is attached to a white frame which includes a small grey ladder for the Minifigures to access it. Underneath this structure, more water comes pouring down along with two taps: one for hot and the other for cold water. All of this, along with the end of each slide, leads into the big pool which covers a 16 to 18-stud-wide blue plate.

A brick-built pink diving board is also included as another way for our two Minifigures to splash around. A couple of side builds are the last additions of the build of some sunscreen and a life-saving ring coloured lime green and white.

40685 Water Park GWP

Set Name - Water Park GWP

Set Number - 40685

Age Range - 7+

Piece Count - 132

Price - TBC GWP

Release Date - April 2024

40685 Water Park will become available as a GWP sometime in April but what do you think? Will you be looking to pick this promotional item up? What other builds would you add to the water park? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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