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LEGO 40578 Sandwich Shop GWP Rumoured For 16th September 2022

With September coming right around the corner so does more LEGO Gift With Purchases with one being rumoured recently. This is 40578 Sandwich Shop will be roughly the size of a $20-25 set available starting from 16th September 2022. The set will available with any purchases over $100 or $150. The deal to get this exclusive set for free is currently planned for 30th September 2022 but could easily change.

Currently, a lot of this information is small rumours meaning we don't know exactly what will be included in the set. However, thanks to Brick Clicker on YouTube, 40578 will be similar to last year's GWP of 40488 Coffee Cart. This means the Sandwich Shop is likely to include two Minifigures, someone working at the shop and a customer, along with the small shop itself and maybe an extra accessory like a tree, bench or cash machine.

Set Information

Set Name - Sandwich Shop

Set Number - 40578

Ages - 6+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - GWP over $100-150

Release Date - 16th September 2022


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