LEGO 40532 Vintage Taxi GWP Rumoured For January 2022

A new rumour has emerged suggesting that another LEGO Gift With Purchase will be coming this month. In particular, its set to be 40532 Vintage Taxi which has the same set number as the GWP that was previously rumoured to be releasing alongside this year's modular building, 10297 Boutique Hotel.

However, it still is the GWP that belongs with 10297 Boutique Hotel as it has the same box design of the 18+ black background with the green border at the bottom. The GWP is just no longer the previously rumoured Modular Buildings 15th Anniversary GWP but will be available with any purchases over $200 from 28th January 2022.

The set itself is mainly a six stud black taxi with yellow and small rearview mirrors. The taxi driver is very similar to the newspaper vendor in last years 10278 Police Station with the same hat, a slightly different facial expression with more facial hair, a red torso but slightly different and an accessory of a doughnut. A small side build of a sidewalk is included on a 4x10 plate with a green trash can and a taxi sign.

Set Information

Set Name - Vintage Taxi

Set Number - 40532

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 163

Price - GWP with purchases over $200

Release Date - 28th January 2022