Is LEGO VIDIYO Cancelled After Just Releasing This Year?

A massive bit of breaking news has just emerged about LEGOs newest theme VIDIYO. Its been rumoured by Promobricks and a few more LEGO news sites that LEGO VIDIYO has been cancelled by LEGO. This cancellation of the theme comes after just five months of LEGO VIDIYO sets being available to purchase.

The theme has only had two waves with the first initial wave in March and the second in June of this summer. A new third wave was set to come this winter along with another Bandmates Series, more Beatboxes and hopefully some new types of sets. However, this may no longer be happening after it's rumoured that retailers no longer have the option to order any LEGO VIDIYO sets.

None of the third wave have been delivered to retailers, and LEGO has now given retailers the option to cancel orders currently in place. This could massively affect the sales of the Bandmates Series 2 which is releasing October 1st. No news has been given yet on whether this will still be releasing then or not at all.

It comes as no surprise that LEGO VIDIYO has been cancelled after the sets were priced way too high, offered little play experience and were almost too easy and boring to build. But a LEGO theme retiring after less than half a year is unheard of. Most LEGO themes retire at some point when the story of the theme comes to an end or they're running out of ideas. But this doesn't feel like a proper end to a LEGO theme.

The product has been advertised heavily by LEGO but has not sold well so far. A lot of criticism of the theme has been given out and this is thoroughly deserved. However, to cancel and fully discontinue the theme so early on is not a good look for LEGO or Universal Music Group who partnered up with LEGO for this theme.

There have been many problems with the theme from its weird and interesting box design to its use of another poorly designed and glitchy app. Whether if this is just a "pausing" of the theme or full cancellation, we're glad it's gone so soon.