Is A LEGO Minifigures Series Based On The Women's Euros Coming In 2022?

After the recent rumour that four different LEGO Minifigures Series will be coming next year, there has been lots of speculation about what these Series could be. It's already been rumoured that we'll be getting Series 22 in January and then The Muppets Series in May. However, that still leaves two more series so what could they be?

Recently, the LEGO Group announced that they would be sponsoring next years Women's Euros as they aim to improve equality in their products. Like any partnership, you'd expect some sort of LEGO set to be released based on this partnership. Sets based on a real sport are very unlikely with there only being a yearly LEGO Creator Expert Football Stadium that's currently on shelves from the sporting world.

So the most obvious product for LEGO to release based on the 2022 Women's Euros is a Collectable Minifigure Series. LEGO has already done two Minifigures series based on sports alone and in particular, 71014 DFB – The Mannschaft, was based entirely on the Men's German Football Team. These series were a fourth limited-edition series released in their respective years and the 2022 Women's Euros could do the same.

However, LEGO is now aiming to stop releasing regional exclusive sets and the Women's Euros could be seen as just the opposite of that. But if it was based on a range of different countries and a range of different players/managers then it wouldn't have to be regional exclusive. It may still be just limited to Europe, but if LEGO really wanted to include everyone then it could just be an international Women's football Minifigures Series.