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Introducing Boomerang Bricks: The LEGO Rental Service Revolution

Are you a LEGO enthusiast looking for a more cost-effective, space-saving, and eco-friendly way to enjoy your favourite bricks? Well, we've got some very exciting news for you!

Boomerang Bricks, the UK-based LEGO® rental subscription service, is here to change the way you play and build LEGO sets. With this innovative service, master builds have the potential to rent up to three official licensed LEGO sets a month. Then they can get down to business and build models ranging from LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Icons to LEGO Friends and LEGO Architecture.

Once built you can do whatever you like with your new set. Whether your a play expert or prefer displaying brick-built models on your shelves, Boomerang Bricks are allowing you to do this at the lowest price of £15. And once you've finished playing, building and displaying, you can return your LEGO in the packaging it arrived in with the free returns label. Once returned, Boomerang Bricks will let you know when you can rent more LEGO.

And just like that, the cycle continues for as many months as you like. Here's the straightforward and user-friendly rental process offered by Boomerang Bricks in just six steps:

Borrow It, Build It & Boomerang It Back

1. Choose Your Plan: Pick from three pricing plans that suit your needs and budget.

  • LEGO® Fan: £15/month = 1 LEGO set per month

  • LEGO® Pro: £25/month = 2 LEGO sets per month

  • LEGO® Legend: £35/month = 3 LEGO sets per month OR 1 Legend LEGO set per month (most of which are worth over £100 RRP.)

2. Select Your Sets: Once you've subscribed, choose the specific LEGO sets you'd like to rent.

3. Free Delivery: Boomerang Bricks delivers your selected LEGO sets right to your doorstep, and guess what? The delivery in the UK is completely free!

4. Unlimited Playtime: Enjoy your LEGO sets for as long as you like while maintaining your monthly subscription.

5. Free Returns: When you're ready to part with your bricks, return them in the same packaging they arrived in, using the provided returns label (once again completely free!).

6. Repeat: As soon as your returns reach Boomerang Bricks, you'll be notified and can select more LEGO sets to rent and possibly upgrade your plan if you're enjoying it that much.

The Benefits of Boomerang Bricks

Boomerang Bricks offers a range of compelling benefits that make LEGO rental a fantastic choice for both LEGO enthusiasts and new builders of the brick:

1. Cost-Effective: LEGO sets can be pricey with prices continuing to rise over the last couple of years. With Boomerang Bricks, you get access to sets worth more than your monthly subscription fee.

2. Space-Saving: Say goodbye to overflowing LEGO boxes or struggling to find space for your ever-growing collection. Renting LEGO means you don't have to worry about a permanent home for your sets, considerably saving space in your already LEGO-full bedroom.

3. Eco-Friendly: By renting LEGO, you're contributing to reducing the amount of single-use plastic ending up in landfills. Boomerang Bricks uses biodegradable packaging that you can reuse when returning your rentals.

4. Wide Variety: Boomerang Bricks offers an eclectic range of LEGO themes, from Harry Potter and Star Wars to Marvel and Speed Champions. You can explore new sets each month and discover the latest LEGO adventures including ones worth over £100.

5. Total Control: With the customer portal, you have full control over your subscription. Upgrade, pause, or cancel as you wish, without any hassle.

Exclusive Promo Code

To sweeten the deal, Boomerang Bricks is offering a fantastic deal for new subscribers. Use the promo code "BOOMERANG50" to get 50% off your first month's subscription. With this exclusive offer, you can rent over £100 worth of LEGO® for just £17.50 when you subscribe to the LEGO® Legend plan! Now that's value of money done properly.

Still not convinced about renting LEGO? Well, you can find links below to Boomerang Bricks' social media and website where you can find even more information and customer reviews. For any inquiries or to learn more about Boomerang Bricks, you can reach out to them at And here at Bricks Up we'll happily guide you in the right direction to help build even more of the LEGO sets we all know and love.

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Nov 12, 2023

This service is very interesting I wonder if it would be worthwhile to anyone who’s into the hobby

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I agree that this service sucks. Honestly, who likes this?

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