Information On LEGO Super Mario Multiplayer Mode With LEGO Luigi Revealed

With the reveal of the full summer 2021 wave of LEGO Super Mario, we got our first bits of information about the brand new LEGO Super Mario multiplayer mode. You'll now be able to invite friends over to interact with your course. The new multiplayer mode on the official LEGO Super Mario app will allow one player to be Mario and the other to be Luigi.

The app has just been recently updated so you can activate the multiplayer experience and use both Mario and Luigi. If LEGO decides to add even more characters like Peach and Wario, you'll also be able to activate multiplayer mode with them. You'll even be able to mix and match which characters you use for the multiplayer mode.

When playing in multiplayer mode with both Mario and Luigi, you can earn bonus digital coins by doing classic videogame actions together. These include the likes of flipping, jumping and rolling in sync. Your even able to share extra rewards when defeating big enemies like Bowser Junior and completing challenges like in Bowser's Airship, as a team.

The Creative Lead for LEGO Super Mario, Simon Kent says that "We're thrilled to expand their play experience and the LEGO Super Mario universe with even more new sets and characters, something we really hope will excite fans." He continued by saying "it’s all about encouraging continuous creative rebuilding and extended playtime".