Has The 2022 LEGO Modular Building Been Accidentally Leaked?

As we enter the second half of 2022 new rumours emerge about sets releasing next year and the final sets of this year are revealed. One of the sets that usually gets revealed at the end of the year is the LEGO Creator Expert Modular Building. 10278 Police Station, the most recent Modular Building was revealed at the end of November for a January 2021 release.

However, January 2022s LEGO Modular Building may have already been leaked by another LEGO set. The theory is that the newest LEGO City Advent Calendar, 60303, may have leaked the next LEGO Modular Building after 2020s LEGO City Advent Calendar did the exact same for 10278 Police Station.

The 2020 LEGO City Advent Calendar had a small mini build of a police station which ended up being the theme of the 2021 LEGO Modular Building. So does that mean a small mini build in the LEGO City 2021 Advent Calendar is hinting at 2022s LEGO Modular Building?

The most likely small mini build that could be the next LEGO Modular Building is a hospital. We've seen many hospitals in LEGO City but none in the LEGO Modular Building form. However, this could just be a completely weird theory that doesn't come true. Last year might just have been a coincidence but it would be nice to have a new LEGO hospital especially after the last 18 months...