First LEGO Ideas 2021 Review Closes With Record-Breaking 57 Product Ideas

The first LEGO Ideas 2021 review has officially closed with a record breaking 57 product ideas achieving 10,000 supporters. These 57 product ideas include any ideas that achieved the magic 10,000 from Early January to the 3rd May.

Any more ideas that achieve 10,000 supporters will be put in the second 2021 review that starts now and lasts until 6th September. The results of this first review will be quite a while away with us still still waiting for the third 2020 review results. We should be shared those results very soon.

The list of ideas as already mentioned is very long so we won't be going through every idea and instead we'll spread them out over many posts. We'll keep you as up to date as possible but with loads of great ideas and other LEGO news, it won't be easy.

For more information about the review and anything regarding LEGO Ideas, visit this link.