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First-Ever​ LEGO CON Hosts Revealed For June 26

The first-ever LEGO CON is now only a week away with famous faces in the LEGO community returning and other new faces arriving. LEGO have now officially announced that Michelle Karma and Melvin Odoom. As already announced, they'll also be some special guests including Lydia Winters from Mojang, a real-life astronaut and many different LEGO designers.

Our first host, Michelle Karma, is a former professional athlete now turned content creator with her own YouTube channel. During her time as a content creator she's tried many crazy things including astronaut training, taking part in a marine bootcamp and studying to become a chess master. Ever since she was a child, she's been a huge fan of LEGO.

Our second host, Melvin Odoom, is more well known in the UK due to his appearance as a host in the UK version of LEGO Masters. The presenter last appeared in the LEGO community when he hosted the LEGO Super Mario championship last year. Melvins also a Radio DJ and can't wait to finally meet his latest music idol, the face of LEGO VIDIYO, L.L.A.M.A.

Both Michelle and Melvin will be in charge of hosting the first-ever LEGO CON. They'll be doing things like interacting with guests and the virtual audience, looking at your builds and photography, showing off brand new sets and much more.

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