Every LEGO Star Wars Set Rumoured For Winter 2022 So Far

Rumours of the Winter 2022 lineup of LEGO Star Wars sets have come thick and fast over the last month. We were almost getting rumours daily for a little while but now that things have died down, it's time to look at all the sets rumoured so far for a January 1st 2022 release. These include the return of Battle Packs, two brick built helmets and a brand new 18+ UCS set.

75320 Hoth Battle Pack - $19.99 (105 pieces)

75321 Razor Crest Microfighter - $9.99 (98 pieces)

75322 Hoth AT-ST - $49.99 (586 pieces)

75324 TBC - $29.99

75325 TBC - $59.99

75326 Boba Fett's Palace - $99.99

75327 Luke Skywalker Helmet - $59.99

75328 The Mandalorian Helmet - $59.99

75329 Death Star Battle Scene - $59.99

75330 Yoda’s Training - $79.99

75341 UCS Luke’s Landspeeder - $199.99

To add to that more confirmed list of sets, there are also two Accessory packs:

TBC LEGO Star Wars Accessory Pack 1 - $14.99

TBC LEGO Star Wars Accessory Pack 2 - $14.99

Another rumour also recently appeared stating that a new Republic Tank is also coming next year. This will most likely be either set 75324 or 75325. But that would leave one more set that still has no official name. The list of sets also means that the third brick-built helmet, the AT-ST Pilot, will not be happening in January and will instead most likely be postponed to another wave.