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Every LEGO Indiana Jones Set Rumoured For 2023 | Plane Chase, Lost Tomb, Temple of Doom + More

It's been a few months since confirmed the return of the LEGO Indiana Jones theme but it's time to look at all the sets rumoured for the theme. As was rumoured before, all these sets will be releasing in 2023 with the first wave coming on 1st April 2023. This consists of the four rumoured sets from before including the mysterious $170 set of 77014.

Four more sets will then follow this wave in either June or August 2023. However, these are most likely based on the fifth Indiana Jones which releases on 30th June 2023. These sets could very well include spoilers so might have quite a staggered release. Either way, all sets, if they include an Indiana Jones Minifigure, will get a new varient with his usual shoulder bag and rolled-up whip but with a dual-moulded hat with hair.

77012 Fighter Plane Chase ($39.99) - 387 pieces - 1st April 2023

77013 Escape from the Lost Tomb ($49.99) - 600 pieces - 1st April 2023

77014 The Temple of Doom ($79.99) - 801 pieces - 1st April 2023

77015 *LEGO Indiana Jones 4 (18+ set)* ($169.99) - 1st April 2023

77016 *LEGO Indiana Jones 5* - Summer 2023

77017 *LEGO Indiana Jones 5* - Summer 2023

77018 *LEGO Indiana Jones 5* - Summer 2023

77019 *LEGO Indiana Jones 5* - Summer 2023


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