Cancelled The LEGO Batman Movie 2 Secrets and Plot Revealed

In random news today, the director of the original LEGO Batman movie, Chris McKay, has revealed secrets and plot details about the now-cancelled LEGO Batman Movie 2. All the way back in 2018 it was rumoured that a sequel to the LEGO Batman movie would be coming in the future but no more news about it was given until today.

The director Chris McKay was asked about the movie and what's now happened to it with an interview with Screen Crush. Chris explained that the plot was "about the Justice League and where Batman was in terms of the Justice League now, and the struggles they were going through, as well as flashing back to how the Justice League came together."

Chris also said that it featured "Batman and Superman's relationship, as well as Batman's relationship to a lot of the other members of the Justice League. And Robin, obviously, there was a really great part for Robin." He finally finished by saying "I wish there was a way for us to go do that movie because that would have been a lot of fun."

The future of LEGO movies still remains uncertain after Universal pictures purchase of the brick-built movie franchise last year. There have been no announcements about new films or whether they'll be a LEGO Movie 3 carrying on with Emmet and his friends.