Is There More LEGO Stranger Things Sets Coming In 2022?

The popular Netflix show Stranger Things is set to have a fourth season coming out next year after a new trailer was recently released. Stranger Things is the first and only Netflix show to have a LEGO set based on the series. However, 75810 The Upside Down may not be the only Netflix LEGO set for long as a set based on Queer Eye has been rumoured for later this year.

And even if that rumour turns out to be false, there may be even more Netflix LEGO sets on the way. These would most likely be based on Stranger Things again as the next series releases next year. A brand new LEGO set based on the worldwide phenomenon would be perfect to release alongside the new series especially as 75810 may be retiring this year or next year.

The first rumours of more Stranger Things sets came about when LEGO teased a LEGO version of a scene from a trailer. This didn't show us much at all with it literally just recreating a scene without showing any of the characters from the show. We're still missing the likes of Nancy, Steve, Johnathan and updated versions of the children especially Eleven.

This rumour can have even more backing by the fact that LEGO Stranger Things is a proper LEGO theme with its own page on the LEGO Shop website. More sets must be coming for it to have its own page especially with the first one doing so well. Key locations from the second and third seasons are missing like Hawkins Lab and Starcourt Mall which would look amazing in LEGO form.