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All The Rumoured Information on LEGO NINJAGO 71810 Riyu The Baby Dragon | March 2024

The rumours keep on circulating as we edge ever and ever closer to the next wave of brand-new LEGO NINJAGO sets. The second wave of 2024 for the unlicensed LEGO theme will consist of a much wider variety of brick-built models compared to January which featured a lot of mech builds. Amongst these is 71810 Riyu The Baby Dragon which will retail for $15.99 with 132 pieces once it's available from the 1st of March 2024.

This $16 LEGO NINJAGO set is unsurprisingly a brick-built version of Riyu The Baby Dragon which has become very popular in the recent series of the show. He'll be in his usual mix of blue and greys along with a brand new head mould and brand new wing moulds for the brick-built baby dragon explaining the higher price. Three Minifigures of Arin, Sora and the recent Wolf Warrior are also included in the March 2024 set.

71810 Riyu The Baby Dragon

Set Name - Riyu The Baby Dragon

Set Number - 71810

Age Range - 6+

Piece Count - 132

Price - $15.99

Release Date - 1st March 2024


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