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All The Rumoured Information on LEGO Jurassic World 76949 Giganotosaurus & Therizinosaurus Attack

The next LEGO Jurassic World wave is set to be available from 17th April with all but one set revealed and this is the biggest and most expensive of the wave. 76949 has already been found in stores giving us a detailed look at the builds and Minifigures included for the $129.99 price tag. The set will also be based on the upcoming Jurassic World Dominion film making it the biggest set to be based on the third film of the franchise.

The set's main draw is the exclusive Dinosaurs of a Giganotosaurus in dark green and light green colour scheme, and a Therizinosaurus with long claws and a mixture of different colours including green, red and grey. These are both big new moulds which explain why the piece count is so low at 810 pieces for a $129.99 set. However, six Minifigures are included of Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Kayla and Dr Henry Wu.

Apart from the dinosaurs, the rest of the set is mainly just two builds. There's a tall thin watchtower which is about the same height as the dinosaurs and includes some cool screens at the top. Meanwhile, a smaller building is next to the watchtower which has two levels. A small helicopter and quad bike are also included with both being able to fit at least one Minifigure.

Set Information

Set Name - Giganotosaurus Therizinosaurus Attack

Set Number - 76949

Ages - 9+

Piece Count - 810

Price - $129.99

Release Date - 17th April 2022


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