All The Rumoured Details So Far About 21330 Home Alone McCallister's House

With more and more rumours emerging about 21330 Home Alone McCallister's House it's time to look at all the latest rumours and details in depth. The release date for the LEGO Ideas set is November 1st but the set could be revealed as early as next month.

The Build

The build itself will of course be the iconic Home Alone house with it most likely being in a dollhouse design that can open up. It will be very similar to the Simpsons House that can be opened up and have sections of the roof taken off. McCallister's house will have 2 floors covered in bits of furniture and easter eggs from the movie.

Rooms in the house include the main hall, kitchen and dining area, brick-built stairs, the parents' bedroom, Buzz's room, 2 bathrooms and a storeroom. The house even has some nice exterior decorations of trees covered in snow, old fashioned lamp posts, Christmas decorations and many more details.

There will be at least one side build of Harry and Marv’s 1986 Dodge Ram van which is used to rob the house. The van will use the sand blue bricks and have either stickers or prints of the Oh-kay Plumbing and Heating logo.

The Minifigures

Even though the original Ideas set included only three Minifigures, this official version will include five exclusive Minifigures. Kevin McAllister will definitely be included as he's in the house majority of the film. Along with their van, the burglar's Harry and Marv will also definitely be included. The other two are less obvious but could be Frank McCallister and Leslie McCallister who are Kevin's parents.

Set Information

Set Name - Home Alone McCallister's House

Set Number - 21330

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 3000+

Price - $249.99

Release Date - 1st November 2021