3 LEGO Disney Encanto Sets Rumoured For December 2021 | 43200, 43201 + 43202

While all the 2022 rumours are appearing, there are still some sets that are being rumoured for a late 2021 release. These include three LEGO Disney based on the upcoming Encanto film which releases on November 26th. In particular, these three sets of 43200 Antonio's Magic Door, 43201 Isabela's Magic Door and 43202 The House of the Madrigals will be coming out on 1st December to tie in with the film.

43200 Antonio's Magic Door

Set Name - Antonio's Magic Door

Set Number - 43200

Ages - 5+

Piece Count - 99

Price - $19.99

Release Date - December 1st 2021

Other Info - This is another version of the LEGO Disney Princess books but this time the book cover shows a green door. Inside the book is Antonio's room along with a tree with a hammock, a jaguar, a frog, butterflies and a capybara. Antonio and Mirabel are included as Minidolls.

43201 Isabela's Magic Door

Set Name - Isabela's Magic Door

Set Number - 43201

Ages - 5+

Piece Count - 114

Price - $19.99

Release Date - December 1st 2021

Other Info - Another book but this time with a pink door that leads into Isabela's room. In here are a four-poster bed, a makeup area, a tea set, butterflies and a white bird. Mirabel, Isabela and Luisa are included as Minidolls.

43202 The House of the Madrigals

Set Name - The House of the Madrigals

Set Number - 43202

Ages - 6+

Piece Count - 587

Price - $49.99

Release Date - December 1st 2021

Other Info - The largest set is a colourful house where the Madrigal family lives and includes the Minidolls Antonio as a child, Mirabel and her grandmother. The house itself has five different rooms which includes a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and two bedrooms along with a hallway. There's also a large palm tree in front of the house along with some other scenery.