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2 LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Brickheadz Officially Revealed | 40627 Sonic + 40628 Tails

The release of LEGO's latest licensed theme is getting closer and closer but we now have official pictures of more sets for the theme. This is because, along with the five new sets launching on 1st August 2023, the LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog theme will also be getting two LEGO Brickheadz. These will release one month later on 1st September 2023.

The brick-built versions of LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog characters coming on 1st September 2023 are Sonic and Tails. 40627 is Sonic whilst 40628 is Tails with both retailing for the usual single-pack LEGO Brickheadz price of $9.99. However, it is also being reporting that the LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog theme and LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Brcikheadz will continue into 2024 so we can expect brick-built versions of Eggman and Amy in the near future.

40627 Sonic The Hedgehog

Set Name - Sonic The Hedgehog

Set Number - 40627

Ages - 10+

Piece Count - 139

Price - $9.99

Release Date - 1st September 2023

40628 Miles "Tails" Prower

Set Name - Miles "Tails" Prower

Set Number - 40628

Ages - 10+

Piece Count - 131

Price - $9.99

Release Date - 1st September 2023


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